Volume 8 (Fall 2014)

    Bitter Oleander Press puts out beautiful books and this one is not exception, its design being as handsome as the poems in Holmes' collection in which time as a concept, time as an entity, time as the scaffolding of history, civilization, and mind itself is examined. These poems seek to unearth the artifacts of what it means to be human, not least of which are the elements that, when assembled, become something like empathy. There is a sense of social and aesthetic responsibility in these poems, a sense that Holmes' knows the self is just another character in the story of all of us, and since it's not the only one, there is a very present otherness, as if he knows he is responsible, accountable. For what? For seeing, certainly, for the work of that, an important theme in the collection, and witnessing.

     – Laura McCullough

Short-shot Review:

The Cave by Tom Holmes (Bitter Oleander Press, 2014)