Volume 9 (Spring 2015)

Paige Sullivan


Momma is faster—quick flicks of the wrist

that slit the skin into flecks and chips,

mealy brown, piling in the sink's bottom.

I'm always slower, fearful of slicing a palm

or knuckle: a painstaking drag, speeding up

with impatience, careless enough to make

small knicks that swell pink with chalky juice

the potatoes leak. I want her to teach me how

to so effortlessly remove all the unwanted

weight and obsession that stiffens soily skin,

that spills over waists and cortical ridges.

Unremarkable, grown, bruised until careworn—

we pare and quarter them beyond recognition.

Paige Sullivan, a graduate of Agnes Scott College, is currently an MFA candidate at Georgia State University, where she also works as an assistant editor at Five Points and an English composition instructor. My work has previously appeared in Boston Literary Magazine, The Red Clay Review, Stone Highway Review, and Naugatuck River Review.

On Libations: "My favorite drink is a Pimm's cup, or, when I'm feeling like a real rural Georgian woman, a Miller Light."