Volume 10 (Fall 2015)

John Riccio

Three Epitaphs



Trouble keeping his sugar straight.

One Daddy Warbucks too many.

Arson, the way his agoraphobia

cauterized him.

Rescued bookshelves, refurbished

people. Misguided shellac.

Jon Riccio graduates this December with an MFA from the University of Arizona. Current and forthcoming poems appear in Hawai'i Review, Really System, Futures Trading, Cleaver, Split Rock Review and Bridge Eight, among others. He serves as the poetry editor at Fairy Tale Review.

On Libations: In a parallel universe my refrigerator dispenses the best White Russians on the block. Here in the Tucsonverse I'll settle for collegiality and an ample supply of KahlĂșa, the Kenmore Volga model notwithstanding.