Volume 9 (Spring 2015)

Taylor Napolsky lives in Seattle, where he spends his time reading, writing, and watching movies.

On Libations: “I drink cheap beer out of a can because it's cheap for one thing but I also like the taste of it mixed with the aluminum, when the can is cold. I like Rainier and PBR.”

Taylor Napolsky


that which is to be suppressed       my father

started out working       in a coal mine    

     for a time     he endured       it gets real

provincial   •   eagerly fighting fascists & tyrants for life

for the good       of the earth       cuz because

it's the only way to enjoy the        smell of the linnets

when walking by

try to keep an open mind   •   i hit you with song

describing what happened

to the seasons i hear            it's frigid on the east coast

parkas & furs but              we'll turn things around

altogether my singular idea       nobody worked hard for this   •  

     what do you aspire to?

showers of embers & effulgent flames for       the speed freak

rush of Fourth of July   •   an explosion coast to

coast drugs insufflated got us       feeling some kind

of way

i'm proud to say i have no symptoms

of anything       health is so crucial   •   grow pneuma don't

believe everything you hear       provenance is

meaningless if you let it be     it wants you    with spindly

fingers but history is mutable  see it               for what it is

the songs of black thought             the compositions glorified