Volume 10 (Fall 2015)

Ellen Foos

Dust Borne

I am dust

I eat dust

My dust eats dust

Dust takes over

it covers the windowsills

the doors won't shut

My cat sneezes

I sneeze

the dust sneezes

It has a no-refund policy

Once you are dust

you're in history's dustbin

Ziggy Stardust, Dusty Springfield

I eat cereal from a dust bowl

bake pies in my dust pan

I wear an old duster

under a plain dust jacket

Cosmic dust gets in my hair

a real dust mop you could say

A gust can stir up dust

send dust bunnies running.

The mites are tucked in for the night

my dustman sleeping next to me.

Ellen Foos is a senior production editor for Princeton University Press. She is the founder and publisher of Ragged Sky Press and was the recipient of a fellowship to the MacDowell Colony and the Vermont Studio Center. Her first collection of poems, Little Knitted Sister, was published in 2006 and her poetry has appeared in U.S.1 Worksheets, Contemporary American Voices, Edison Literary Review, and the Curator.

On Libations: Yuengling lager is definitely my libation of choice. Its origin in the coal-region of Pennsylvania and the tour of its ancient Pottsville brewery are authentic and distinguished enough for me.