Volume 10 (Fall 2015)

Erric Emerson

Somewhere along the line

something was supposed to happen but didn’t.

Information hadn’t reached the appropriate channels.

Protocol was in some manner ignored.

Steps, if followed, were improperly taken.

There was a mix­up. A runaround. A snag.

I’ve contacted the Bureau of Hindsight Affairs about this.

They’ve notified the cleaner­-uppers

and the helper people and the helpers’

helpers to get on it right away.

The director even spoke with me personally.

I wait. Response time varies. Partial action is taken

with permission and a signature from an official.

At that point, the proposal is considered by the

board, following the pending approval of the

supervisor in conjunction with the administrator.

The full measure is overseen by the executive.

I wait. It appears someone mistook my file for

another’s. This causes recourse. There was

a question I also forgot to answer, a bubble

that wasn’t shaded in neatly, and I didn’t

reply in the designated time slot. This

causes an offshoot. The president is on

vacation. You can make an appointment

upon his return.

Erric Emerson is a poet residing in Philadelphia whose poems have appeared in Collage, Neon, and Control. He received his BFA from

Goddard College and is the former Poetry Editor of Duende, an online literary journal staffed by undergraduate students at Goddard College.

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