Volume 9 (Spring 2015)

Catherine Breese Davis (1924-2002) published poems in such places as Poetry, The Southern Review, The New Yorker, The Paris Review and New Poets of England & America between 1950 and 1998. A collection of her poems, accompanied by essays about her life and work, is being edited by Martha Collins, Kevin Prufer, and Martin Rock, and will be published in the Unsung Masters series in June 2015.

On Libations: “Budweiser, when something harder and pricier couldn’t be had.”

Catherine Breese Davis

The Unprofitable Servant

Now, when I wake to darkness, if I think

What I shall come to be, I think of all

I have not been; I have myself to thank.

I thank myself: For we are all as ill

As he; unprofitable, holding out

And hiding out, we cannot quite come through.

Devouring God, it is ourselves we eat.

We cannot, as we would, say thee and thou,

Cast utterly out like him. We cannot help it.