Volume 10 (Fall 2015)

Lauren Albin is currently an MFA candidate at Arizona State University, where she teaches composition and poetry.

On Libations: My favorite would be a tall glass of sweet tea with a splash of bourbon. Its perfect for those days when you just want to sit on the porch and do nothing.

Lauren Albin


This probably wouldn't have happened

if we'd just stopped at three glasses

if I had said more a few less times

if you weren't so damn willing

to please, but now that your entire hand

is inside me I might be too vulnerable

like this—gripping my knees, holding myself

open for you—if I couldn't feel the intention

behind every twist of your wrist.

Looking down, I can see your arm

like a tree trunk growing out from me.

Your other hand moves away from my breast

to lace fingers with mine. As you knead into me,

I feel like I'm on the edge of understanding

the truth of existence, like any second

my mother could burst in demanding answers

I do not know.