MEAD:  The Magazine of Literature & Libations

about libations, although we are not above such things. Rather, Mead wants to publish the best poetry, translations, commentary, reviews, and interviews that we can find. The editors pair works they publish with a particular drink category, much as you pair your cream with your coffee, your Maes Pils with your moules frites. Send your most intoxicating work, regardless of subject or form.

We will do the rest.

Photo by Jane Linders

Mead, as you know,

Mead is not literature

is fermented honey. Libations are drinks poured as offerings to the god(s). We intend Mead to be small and explosive, writing we would want to read while waiting at the bar for our lover. Writing that is fermented, burnt, makes some kind of penance, offering, or sacrifice. Has breakage, but tooth. Writing with ropes, legs, residue. Writing that leaves ashes.

Volume 7

Featured Libations


Beth Bigler:

“It’s a three-way tie between strawberry basil martinis with balsamic sugar rims, a long chug of Nyquil, or the briny ocean in my snorkel tube because I saw something so amazing, I just had to look closer.”


Rachel Morgenstern-Clarren:

“A born-and-bred Clevelander living in Brazil, my libational loyalties are divided between Great Lakes Brewing Company's Christmas Ale (best enjoyed in long underwear) and a caipirinha with chili-infused cachaça, mango, and cilantro (best enjoyed in a fluorescent bikini).”


Emari DiGiorgio:

“Only with thin-crust margherita pizza—slabs of mozzarella flanked by fresh Jersey tomatoes, strips of basil blackened by the oven's heat—I will indulge in a highball of Dr. Pepper with crushed ice, no straw.”




Mead enjoyed a reading at this year’s AWP Conference in Seattle. Thanks to all of you who read and celebrated with us.


Editorially, Michael Broek is taking over as Editor-in-Chief, while Suzanne Parker is taking over as Managing Editor. Founding Chief Meadster Laura McCullough is thankfully still with us as an editor, but she’ll be working behind the bar from now on.


Finally, the online journal
Tran(s)tudies, which has published trans-disciplinary essays on art and literature, will be sidling up to the bar wth Mead and taking over providing work for our Essays and Interviews section.