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Featured Libation:

"Short draughts—long swallows, men; 'tis hot as Satan's hoof. So, so; it goes round excellently. It spiralizes in ye; forks out at the serpent-snapping eye. Well done; almost drained. That way it went, this way it comes. Hand it me—here's a hollow! Men, ye seem the years; so brimming life is gulped and gone. Steward, refill!"

Captain Ahab


Mead publishes the most exciting poetry, translations, and essays that we can find, regardless of subject or style. Once a work is accepted for publication, the editors pair each piece with a particular libation, much as you pair your cream with your coffee, your Maes Pils with your moules frites. Send us your most intoxicating work.

We will do the rest.

ISSN: 2166-8221


Volume 10 (Fall 2015)